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  • What do you love about your job?

There are two main aspects to this job that we love.  One is going to work for landlords who have had, or expect bad experiences, then completely changing their outlook on rental investing through good long-term decision making.  Many of our customers took a huge hit in the housing crisis, and if we can take what could have been a very terrible experience, and turn it into a money-making, headache free investment in their future, we really love that.

The other aspect is our staff.  We have a very tight-knit and driven culture, in which not everyone fits well.  When we take on another like-minded partner, growing together is extremely rewarding.  You get to see their prosperity grow with the business, and you get to see their families benefit as well.  That never gets old.

  • How would you describe your most typical client?

Our typical customer is a small investor, relatively inexperienced with rental ownership.  More often than not, their preference was to sell their home, and they came to a property manager seeking peace of mind that is hard to put a price on.  Typically the rent on their property is directly responsible for their ability to stay ahead, and they are not in a position to shoulder the weight of poor performance.  Our goal is to change their mindset to someone who expects their home to contribute to their wealth, rather than take away.

  • What’s the most effective way to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your services?

This is simple, passion.  Our philosophy is that we will make mistakes, we will misjudge, and occasionally we won’t have the best resources for a certain task.  While we want to minimize these issues, we firmly believe that effort and care are what our customers want most.  Afterall, if you’re putting out the effort you’ll get great results more often than not.  Mistakes around our business are seen as learning experiences, but lack of effort is inexcusable.  What many businesses don’t realize is that most problems are smoothed out with nothing more than effort, and many amazing attributes are neutralized in its absence.  If we come to work every day with passion, we know we’ll get the results our customers want.

  • What was your favorite, most successful, or most memorable project?

Unfortunately, in our business often the most memorable experiences start off in a sad way.  For whatever reason someone finds themselves in a bind and desperately need rental income.  We were once hired by a customer on a tight fixed income who found us through our online reviews.  They had secured their own tenant, and had been convinced to add what appeared to be a benign clause about rent credits for repairs.  The tenant, most likely knowing exactly what they were doing, then began to use that clause as an excuse not to pay large portions of their rent.  The customer had tried to evict them, and lost for what amounted to a technicality.  When they came to us, they had lost all hope of getting full rent, as well as a pleasant experience.  This story ended well for both parties though, which isn’t always the case.  Within two months we had handled many reasonable repairs, worked out a new lease with the tenant based on more traditional guidelines, and for the most part satisfied both sides.  In our business it’s not always easy to satisfy both sides, so when you do, you don’t forget them.

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