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Are You Using the 1031 Exchange Tax Shelter?

Landlords, perhaps you have heard of the 1031 Exchange. Today we are going to explain the benefits and how easy it is to save thousands by utilizing it. If you are planning on selling an investment property and you plan to use those proceeds to buy another investment property – you NEED to use the…

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Use Leverage to Increase Cash on Cash Returns

In a previous posts, we discussed how measuring the cash on cash returns are a better way to measure the profitability of an investment than using the Capitalization Rate alone. Today we are going to discuss how using bank financing to leverage as many properties as possible compared with a single cash purchase can dramatically…

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Our 5 Secrets to Passionate Property Management

What makes a property management company stand out above the crowd? How can a real estate management business generate excellent referrals? Is there a secret technique that creates long tenancies with great renters? What are the secrets to a property management company that goes above and beyond expectations? We are going to share with you…

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