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Victory Property Management has Teamed up with the Leader in Unpaid Rent Collections to Offer Our Landlords More Options

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At Victory, we always enjoy being able to streamline services and offer better service to those who choose to work with us. We are excited that now we will be able to submit delinquent tenants to collections, allowing us to avoid time and cost spent chasing any past due balances. While our tenants who are past due on their payments are at a very small number, we still want to quickly recover any payments as efficiently as possible through a more efficient collections process.
Part of our workflow at Victory is using Appfolio, a software service for property managers. A new service has been offered to allow us to take our usual action of notifying tenants that their payment is past due, then submitting them directly to collections with Hunter Warfield. Since all of the pertinent information about owner and tenant are both kept in Appfolio, all we simply have to do is click “turn over to collections” and the information and data is there for the collections agency to access without any further work.
Working quickly is far more advantageous because the longer debt ages, the less likely it is to be recovered. Having this option to streamline the collections process helps us work more efficiently for you and you to be able to get your lost payments in a more timely manner. We are looking forward to being able to improve your experience with us here at Victory.


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