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When a property is listed as owner privately managed this means that you will be contacting them directly, rather than Victory.  We offer owners this free service to increase your selection of wonderful properties while searching our site.  These homes will be 100% managed by the homeowner, from initial contact, to maintenance, to move out.  Owner contact information will be included in the main text portion of the listing, in most cases we will not have much additional information or relationship with the homeowner.  If you have an unhappy experience with a listing / owner please let us know.  Do it yourself landlords as well as rental management companies are required to abide by fair rental housing guidelines.   A few pointers to consider when working with any rental manager, particularly self managed landlords.

  • Always be sure you are protected by a lease
  • Always document damage to a property within 10 days of move in, and report these findings to your landlord via an itemized document
  • Always supplement a move in damage report with photos
  • Nail down in writing, exact terms for how and when to make payments, and report maintenance.
  • Note any automatic renewals that may occur as a provision in your lease
  • Be sure to set some type of reminder / notification a few weeks prior to lease renewals
  • Be careful about side negotiations.  Anytime repairs are traded for rent credits, or any agreements after lease signing make sure to clearly define in writing for both parties
  • Use common sense.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  There are a lot of scammers out there, and not just on Craigslist.  Find more tips here…  
  • In most instances if you respect your landlord and the home, they will respect you.  Pay on time and take care of the property and more often than not your experience will be pleasant

“This listing is included on our site as a courtesy to private, local landlords. You should contact the owner (only) directly as we have no additional information. Victory makes no representation as to the accuracy of this listing, and all information should be independently verified with caution. If you feel this listing is unethical or a scam please report to us immediately. Victory will be held harmless, and not be responsible for issues arising from this free tenant / landlord service, we’re just trying to help bring the community together.”

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