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Molly Kirby- Customer Account Manager


    Molly is a native of the great state of Texas, but we’ve been happy to have her in NC since 2014. Molly spent her college years as an insurance customer service representative which as anyone could imagine was a great primer on how to communicate with customers of all sorts, with all sorts of problems. That was great preparation for the next phase of her career, property management. She got her start as a leasing consultant, and quickly advanced first to assistant manager, then to community manager primarily in charge of over 200 units! The complex was funded with government loans requiring that she navigate a maze of complex requirements and liabilities to maintain compliance. During her time at the helm, occupancy skyrocketed and delinquent rents were slashed at the same time. As I’m sure you can imagine more income and less expense is a great recipe for rental investor happiness! She also oversaw staff and many other pure management duties in addition to property management.

When not hitting home runs in the office you can find her exploring her new and fascinating town, running to stay healthy, reading to stay sharp and spending time with her beloved dog Gus.  Her absolute favorite thing to do is travel both to see family and to see the world in general.


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