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Annie Wheliss – Customer Account Manager

     Annie Wheliss is a rare Raleigh native who also attended William Peace University in downtown.  She spent time in the mountains running the front desk for a boutique hotel, and that intimate environment really taught her the importance of one on one connections with her customers. The experience she gained quickly turning over hotel availabilities each day was wonderful Great property manager reviewspreparation for the very similar tasks she currently undertakes in turning over many long term rentals each month.  Upon returning to the Triangle area Annie acquired her real estate license and entered the sales world. After a while she began to hunger for something a little more hands on and within her direct control, and rental management was an obvious and smooth transition for her. That change has been proven to be exactly what she hoped it would be and she is thriving here with the Victory team

     In her free time Annie enjoys spending time with her dog Buddy, and the two of them take full advantage of the huge number of world class parks, lakes, hiking, and greenways  in the Raleigh Durham area. She’s also an avid reader and has played an integral role in charitable events and the occasional political campaign.

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