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5 Tips to Find Great Renters and Tenants

Much of the financial success that comes from rental investment property depends on a landlord’s ability to secure great renters and tenants. You want to find a tenant that will not only pay the rent on time but one that will keep your property in good condition. Do not leave accepting a renter to the…

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How Landlords and Property Managers can Make the Most of Rental Property Inspections

Rental property inspections are a frequent request from homeowners hiring a property manager for the first time. This is very reasonable, but as with most aspects of rental management, there are more questions that need to be addressed than simply do you go view the property. It’s important to understand exactly how the inspection process…

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5 Tips to Find Good Renters

Investors spend hours pouring over listings. They put forth great effort analyzing the profit and loss statements to make sure an investment property will create the desired return. Home inspectors are hired to look for unseen problems.  Do investors, however, spend the same amount of time checking out their rental applications? How can you find…

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