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Is It Time to Reinvest?

Perhaps you were like many investors who took advantage of the real estate housing crisis and bought up those dirt cheap single family foreclosures. If so, then you may be sitting on quite a few rental homes. Is it time to reinvest? Let’s take a look at the real estate market to see if now…

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Rental Houses or Apartments, Which is a Better Investment?

Investors can make a good solid case for buying rental houses or apartments. While both single family residences and multi-family properties can made good investments, we want to look at different investment scenarios so that you as the investor can know which investment type (houses or apartments) will meet your investment goals. Why are Rental…

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The “New” Real Estate Agent

Now days, getting started in the real estate industry is the easy part. However, actually building a sustainable business and being identified as a solid real estate agent is the defining factor if you will be able to compete in the market of home rentals. We live in a world where we are over-stimulated and…

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