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What Landlords Need to Know about the Raleigh, North Carolina Housing Code

A good landlord and a professional property management agency needs to not only care for their tenants but also comply with the city and state’s housing codes as it relates to rental properties. This article will review the Housing Codes for North Carolina and the related ordinances from the City of Raleigh. We are looking…

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Is Renting REALLY more cost effective than buying?

Depending on the area that you live in, did you know it might actually be more cost effective for you to buy than rent? There are a few criteria to consider whether or not this is true for you… First of all, where do you live? Your region matters! If you live in a coastal…

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Raleigh’s Hotter than Ever

Raleigh’s Hotter than Ever For twenty months in a row, home prices are strong and on the rise! The increase has been steady for the past year and a half, and is now expecting a moderate increase of 3% in 2014. This is built on a projection by Zillow. Based on these projections and several…

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