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Landlords, Are You Collecting Enough Security Deposits?

Every landlord on the planet knows the benefits of requiring a tenant to pay a security deposit when they sign a lease agreement. Though that is common knowledge, there are a few facts about security deposits that many landlords know little about. For example, are you collecting? Have you placed your deposits in a trust…

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Who Doesn’t Like a Tax Deduction?

Who Doesn’t Like a Tax Deduction? Did you know that when you own a rental property, you are basically in charge of your own small business? And as you know, as a “business owner” of sorts, you are entitled to tax deductions. Primarily, there are ten big ones that you can use to lower your…

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How Landlords and Property Managers can Make the Most of Rental Property Inspections

Rental property inspections are a frequent request from homeowners hiring a property manager for the first time. This is very reasonable, but as with most aspects of rental management, there are more questions that need to be addressed than simply do you go view the property. It’s important to understand exactly how the inspection process…

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10 New Year Resolutions for Landlords

The New Year has arrived! A new year is upon us, and around this time we usually stop for a moment and ponder about what the future will bring and what we can do to make it a success. When we usually think of setting a New Year’s resolution, we usually think about getting to…

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