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North Hills Raleigh NC

Featured Rental Community: Boylan Heights, Raleigh, North Carolina

If you are looking to move to Raleigh, then no doubt you are interested in learning about the neighborhoods, boroughs and suburbs. This information will help you choose just the right place for you and your family. This week in our Feature Neighborhood series, we are going to focus on Boylan Heights. The Highlights of…

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Will You (pretty please) be my Cosigner?

Your friend or relative has just asked you a question. Would you co-sign with them on an apartment or house lease? Oh, it’s no big deal, they say. The fact is, we all desire to help our friends and family when they are in need. However, when it comes to co-signing a lease, it is…

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The “New” Real Estate Agent

Now days, getting started in the real estate industry is the easy part. However, actually building a sustainable business and being identified as a solid real estate agent is the defining factor if you will be able to compete in the market of home rentals. We live in a world where we are over-stimulated and…

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