Revolutionary Transit Ideas… Coming to a Street Near You!

Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, NC to be exact.

NC State Engineers Seth Hollar and Marshall Brain have created a cutting edge concept for public transit. Hollar and Brain’s initial idea developed after first identifying the need for additional transportation options in the area back in November 2013. Their model for an ultra-light weight and low-cost transit system is first being adapted on NC State’s campus with the hope that the EcoPRT transit system will be adopted throughout the town and expand outward.

Courtesy of Triangle Business Journal

Picture small cars which hold between one and two passengers on a light rail – this rail would encourage local shops and residential areas to connect their own lines. This EcoPRT transit system is attractive for many reasons – especially the price of installation. The EcoPRT comes in at 1 million per mile versus 100 million for traditional rail. Also, the transit system would be the first ever privately funded system, expanding with market forces rather than by government.

So, what’s the next step? Raising more money and putting together a tangible model to foster more support. Now, that’s revolutionary. 


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