City of Raleigh Mandatory Landlord Rental Dwelling Registration- UPDATE! This program has been discontinued!



Say goodbye to the City of Raleigh Rental Dwelling Registration program! The program has been dissolved by Senate Bill 326, eliminating municipalities’ ability to operate a rental dwelling registration program. The fee formerly was $45, so everyone in Raleigh city limits who owned and rented a property now gets to keep that money in their pocket going forward Photos-1.jpg


Studies have shown that a majority of the complaints relating to violations of the City of Raleigh’s Code provisions arise from tenant occupied properties.

A significant obstacle in providing effective and prompt enforcement of the current City Codes was the inability to access public records for making contact with the owner of such rental properties. To make this possible, the City of Raleigh adopted the Rental Dwelling Registration Ordinance.

This ordinance makes it unlawful to rent, receive rental income from or offer to rent a dwelling within the City’s limits without first registering the property. This registration created a database of the location and the ownership of Raleigh’s residential rental properties. The City can use this database as an effective resource to promote responsible management, provide a safe habitat for residents, safeguard property values, expedite housing repairs and provide a tool for prompt contact with owners or managers from Police, Fire, Emergency and the Inspections Departments when issues or emergencies develop.

Registration Brochure
Registration Instructions
Registration Form: New Landlords
Registration Change Form


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