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The best possible return on investment for our customers is our #1 priority, and every decision we make centers on this focused goal


Victory Realty revolves around a culture of passion for our brand. We are aggressive, energetic, and flexible in this changing landscape. We take large deposits, have the best tenant quality National Association of Residential Property Managers Triangle Chapter NCin the business, and still rent our homes significantly faster than our competitors. 10 Years in business and we’ve only rental rate estimate CMA orange buttonevicted a handful of tenants that we chose, because we have a great system. Many old style management firms survive as a result of their sheer size, or as a loss leader for their sales business. However, with offices across much of North Carolina, Victory was built from the ground up, during the worst housing crisis since the 1930’s

For details on how we handle each facet of the rental management process, view the modules below. From real-time financials to automatic payments, you’ll love our system…


rental manager reviews Thrives on a love of the current technology revolution. For this reason we have stayed well ahead of our competitors in all aspects of rental management from marketing to owner/client communication. Originating from, and still to this day operating as a commercial marketing firm for multiple companies in and outside the real estate industry, Victory has an inside track on how people use the web day to day. Rental searches are almost exclusively done online these days, and understanding that constantly changing landscape is every bit of half the success battle.

During the Great Recession when most firms were struggling desperately to stay afloat, and barely keeping customers from hysteria, we managed to grow (and keep growing) at an astounding pace

while maintaining an excellent reputation with our customers, the Better Business Bureau, online, and otherwise. While many companies treat rentals as nothing but a subsidy for more home sales, we’ve embraced rental management only, and love our jobs! Our drive isn’t profit, but rather exceptional growth and a laser focused business philosophy. For instance, some may be familiar with the broken window theory. Many attribute the massive 90’s decline in New York City crime to the property-management-companyadoption of this theory. Basically, if potential criminals see a broken window, they assume the area is neglected and are highly likely to commit crimes. We subscribe to this theory in our day to day business. If customers see a broken window in our caring and attention, tenants are much more likely to create problems, and landlords likewise feel neglected. When we see a broken window on the horizon, we address the issue before most even recognize there may be one. Our clients’ success is the only thing driving our success, and we apply that value to every facet of our culture. Top10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Rental PropertyImagine, in the midst of an information revolution, a property manager that thrives on change, and works hard every day to be the absolute best…

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To treat every property as if it were our own, and dominate the best competition nationally with our results. Where we lack resources, we’ll substitute ingenuity, flexibility, and aggressiveness. We’ll never make excuses. We’ll value mistakes over complacency. Open mindedness is a requirement. We will offer as low cost of a solution as possible without sacrificing results. Our clients’ success will define our success. Passion will drive client success. We’ll always strive for better. Imagine what we can be…


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Integrity over Profit
Long Term over Short Term
Passion over Apathy
Communication over Silence
Aggressiveness over Appeasement
Always allocate resources to the absolute best of our ability to serve our clients’ interests…

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What We’re About… Property Management with Passion

  The best possible return on investment for our customers is our #1 priority  - Victory Realty revolves around a culture of passion for our...
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The Future. Tomorrow

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The Middle. Today…

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The Beginning. Yesterday

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Meet the Team

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Renter Tools that Keep them Coming Back

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Real-Time Financials, Accounting & Detailed Marketing Reports 24-7

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Maintenance, Communication & Commitment to Lower Costs

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Convenient Payment Methods for Tenants & Owners

        Instead of sending your rental income like a message in a bottle, or via snail mail, we offer automatic ACH deposits...
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nc Rental property marketing

Unmatched Marketing Reach. Nationally & Locally Saturated

Advertised on EVERY Major Local & National Rental Website Massive Lead Capture Astounding Property Presentations Professional Photos Targeted, Detailed Ad Copy Eye Catching, Standout Rental...
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AAA Tenant Selection & Highest Possible Quality Standards

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Manual & Automatic Listing Syndication

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Stunning Presentations from Top, to Bottom

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