Nation’s ‘Hardest Working’ Cities list is in: Raleigh, Durham beating out Charlotte

If you’re a hard worker, it might just be time for you to look for housing in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC. The U.S. Census Bureau data was combined with factors such as the percent of families with 2 working parents, employment rate, time of work commute and the percentage of people enrolled in school by the lifestyle website MyLife to determine the Nation’s top 200 Hard Working Cities.

Durham landed the No. 17 spot, with Raleigh trailing at No. 18.

Other North Carolina cities came in as follows: #43 Charlotte, #50Greensboro, #137 Winston-Salem, and #159 Cary. The time to snag your spot in the Durham/Raleigh area is now. Raleigh is the place to be. Have you found your spot yet?


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