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        Fast forward 8 years and Victory has proven to be a powerhouse in the rental management industry. Starting with only 2 properties and growing to over 300 full service rentals the Victory system has enjoyed a growth rate of nearly 5000% in 9 years. Many corporate clients such as apartment complexes and vacation rental companies subscribe to the Victory marketing program as well. Nearly 20% of overall business comes in the form of corporate consulting and one time tenant placement. Spawned from an information technology and web design background, Victory has truly blazed totally new avenues in the world of rentals on the web. When asked what their biggest weakness was, Ralph responded “ we wish we were still able to fly under the radar, our competitors are excellent at copying our ideas and even tag lines.” He went on to add though that “the current information revolution is without a doubt the Victory claim to fame. The internet is constantly changing. Google, Facebook, and most others updates their algorithm several times a year. These are only a few examples of constant changes in technology these days. As a result of nonstop research, a culture of total flexibility, and a love of all things tech, we’ve managed to consistently catch changes in the early stages giving us an unending edge on our competition.” Marketing however isn’t all they’re about. Over the years Victory has often lacked resources when compared to huge companies, but they more than offset this issue through their favorite self-description, passion. It’s a part of the culture and permeates through everything they do. Having a no exceptions policy of “treat every home as if it is our own,” leaves no room for anything but exceptional service from start to finish. The most important aspect of the Victory responsibility is tenant selection. “Over the years we’ve come across instances where an unchecked tenant has cost an owner almost everything they’ve worked so hard for,” says Danielle. “We come to work every day knowing there is nothing more important than our ability to head off problems beforehand, and in those rare occasions where we don’t, aggressively attack the problem until solved.” A central Victory belief is that if your tenants know you are intimately involved in their situation and the property, they are a pleasure to deal with in most cases. If however, you neglect the situation for any time at all, things can fall apart with lightning speed.


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