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        The Victory plan is simple. Expand as fast as possible without sacrificing the culture. Rather than building a mega firm in one town, Victory is making excellent headway in springing small, highly personal boutiques in multiple cities. The field work and people interaction will be centered around these small offices, but the marketing and administration will be handled in a centralized hub, highly tuned for these important tasks. Victory believes that the rental management industry is terribly inefficient due to fragmentation and offers so many possibilities to cut rates for clients far below the local norms. In time they plan to implement a truly revolutionary structure that benefits struggling homeowners from all walks of life. All the while providing mind blowing results and ecstatic customers. Once resources and growth reach the mark where a centralized hub can be efficiently implemented, Victory will re-categorize itself under the newly designed B (benefit) Corporation. B Corporations are a new type of corporation that uses the power of business to create public benefit. B Corporations must demonstrate accountability in making decisions for the social benefit rather than a traditional corporation that by law must maximize profit for shareholders and serve no other end. “ I struggled with the idea of ever going public, but let’s face it I won’t be here forever. The thought of a bloated bureaucratic charity conjured similar fears. When I read about the new B Corp categorization I saw the perfect answer to one of my largest concerns.” RE Hunter


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