Getting Cozy with Cozy

STOP! Before you begin reading any further, this article contains useful information for any ‘new-to’ or ‘do-it-yourself’ landlord. We’ll be answering all of those burning questions, setting minds at ease, and providing you simple to use techniques to ensure your success as a landlord. Hint: It’s all Cozy!

Are you Cozy?  “Umm, yes”, is probably what you just said to yourself, but we’re talking a different type of cozy. A Cozy that’s designed to make your life easier when it comes to managing a rental property. A Cozy that, well, feels cozy! So what exactly are we talking about here? Simply put, Cozy is a game-changing property management software that is geared specifically for ‘Do-It-Yourself’ landlords. Everything from marketing your property to collecting rent will seem like a walk in the park on your road to success! So is it right for you? Scroll with us as dig deeper into the ins and outs of Cozy.


There is absolutely nothing worse than having to remember your login for every single listing site and boy, are there a ton of different sites! Have you done your market research to see what the average rental rates in the area are? What about property pictures? These are just a couple of key things that property managers and landlords do and ask on a daily basis. Thankfully, with Cozy, you’re able to do most of the work yourself! Landlords can swiftly upload their pictures, write their advertisement, set accurate rental rates, and then fully market the property all from one user-friendly site. Unfortunately, the drawback to listing solely with Cozy is there minimal alliances with external rental sites like Zillow and Currently, they work with and only.

Tenant Applications/Screening:

Currently, Cozy offers different options for applications and screening depending on the amount of information you, the landlord, would like to review. All applicants will submit a Cozy application directly from your listing and will require each applicant to submit income reports, job history, and rental history.  If you would like to also require a Credit Report and Criminal Background check, simply update your application to inform your applicants of the process. Currently, there is a fee associated with this that the applicant will pay.


Cozy makes it incredibly easy for landlords to collect payments. From rent, security deposits, and misc. fees associated with moving into the home, you’ll be able to digitally track your payments. You’ll also be able to set up simple automatic charges, like late fees and pro-rated rent, without having to remember. There is a very small fee for a tenant to use their debit card but that is considered a tenant charge; collecting rent and fees is free to the landlord.

Would you believe that that’s it? Cozy is so completely easy to use that you can see why so many do-it-yourselfers are taking up this opportunity. However, as property managers, we do see a few flaws in Cozy versus using a property management company. For starters, if you search this blog, this will be the first location you see the word lease. Cozy doesn’t offer a standard lease or even the option to save, sign, or review a leasing document from their software. Why? Legality. Every state and even some cities have very precise laws that must be abided by for the protection of the tenant and landlord. Some homes will need different documents such as Lead Paint or Pet addendums. Concurrent with the lack of lease or file saving, we also noticed that Cozy doesn’t assist with any eviction filings or complaint fees either.

All-in-all, we love Cozy. For anyone who is willing to devote their time to managing their rental property, this is an excellent tool to use. Aside from the small fees the landlord pays, 99% of any saved money comes directly from your time. In any given year, a landlord can spend no less than 100 hours of their personal time devoted to their rental property. Between marketing, screening multiple applicants, maintenance issues, and much more its impossible to say how much cost-benefit Cozy holds to you. It’s important to remember that being a landlord is not cushy and can be very demanding. Emergency service calls do happen at 2 am and certain legalities will prevent you from pushing it off until the morning. Late rent and even full-on evictions happen as well, unfortunately, so that means abiding by very specific laws and regulations set by your city/state.

Have additional questions about being a landlord or other North Carolina statutes? Victory is always willing to help and provide you with our no-secrets approach to ensure the most success to every landlord.

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