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Should You Offer Furnished Apartments?

Landlords, do you have rental properties within a college town? Do you often have tenants looking for short-term leases? Is your property manager getting calls looking for furnished rentals? If so, should you offer furnished rentals? Let’s take a look at the benefits and risks of offering furnished apartments. The Risks of Offering Furnished Apartments…

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Landlords, Are You Collecting Enough Security Deposits?

Every landlord on the planet knows the benefits of requiring a tenant to pay a security deposit when they sign a lease agreement. Though that is common knowledge, there are a few facts about security deposits that many landlords know little about. For example, are you collecting? Have you placed your deposits in a trust…

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10 Essential Lease Terms for College Students

Renting to college students can be very profitable for landlords. There is a high demand for off-campus housing which drives up rents. What is more, you can often get more rental income than renting to typical non-student tenants. However, there is a catch. You need to have a lease designed for college students. Last week…

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Landlords, in Light of a Huge Run Up in Rents & Sale Prices, Do You Have an Endgame?

You have bought your rental property for the income stream and perhaps even in hope of future appreciation. While you may plan to own the property for a long, long time, a wise investor will have an endgame for your real estate. How long should you hold your real estate investment? When is a good…

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