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How to Keep Your Home Safe during Winter

Winter can be a hazardous season. Fires, floods, slips, and spills are more likely than in other seasons of the year. As a tenant, you hold a lot of responsibility to maintain the home during the colder months of the year.  What can you do to protect you, your family and your rental during the…

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Getting Cozy with Cozy

STOP! Before you begin reading any further, this article contains useful information for any ‘new-to’ or ‘do-it-yourself’ landlord. We’ll be answering all of those burning questions, setting minds at ease, and providing you simple to use techniques to ensure your success as a landlord. Hint: It’s all Cozy! Are you Cozy?  “Umm, yes”, is probably…

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5 Tips to Succeed at Property Management

Regular Rental Expenses for First-Time Landlords

Just like your home, a rental property requires upkeep and outgoing expenses like mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities, and regular maintenance. In our post, ‘Is Your Investment Property Rent Ready or Sell Ready? What’s the Difference?’, we mentioned how rental properties require more upkeep due to the increased wear and tear. Certain aspects of the…

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