BIC Eligible – Opportunity to to have us subsidize many costs while you build your own business

Going it alone, or want to, and worried about the huge fixed cost of MLS and license fees? We’ve got a great solution and it includes many strong sales referrals as well.

We’re looking for an immediately BIC eligible (requirement) real estate licensee located in the Charlotte area who would like for us to cover many of their business expenses (approx $3k per year) in exchange for handling a couple simple oversight tasks each month for our rental office (verifying basic paperwork mostly). You can maintain and grow your own company or work under our firm name affiliation.

We will provide MLS access, and cover all personal and firm-related license fees. You’d only need to cover your direct operational expenses. (ads, phones, computers, etc.)

All that we would need is for you to be BIC eligible & located in the Charlotte area and ready to start asap.

The expenses we’d be covering would work out to about a $3,000 in annual savings. We’ll also refer many motivated sales leads on great terms, as well as HOA and commercial leasing leads if you’re interested. Simply sharing an address allows you to be BIC for two different firms (or you could operate under ours alone), but you’d be working from home or wherever you’re most comfortable. We would provide referrals, but you would be running your own business. No sales meetings, splitting of commissions, quotas or any oversight.

All you’d need to do is look over our books once a month to ensure basic compliance. Early on though there will be very little to look over as we’re starting from scratch. Everything we do is digital, so you would have access to all you need from anywhere you like. There would only be a need to come into the office once a quarter to take a look at a few physical deposit copies. Since we currently have very little business in the area inspecting our books will literally take 10 minutes, and even as we grow to a decent size can be done in well under 30 minutes per month! While rarely needed we would pay $50 an hour for any additional work provided such as consulting.

We prefer someone who isn’t a top producer as we want to keep this small. No teams.

We’re a well-run property management company with a great reputation who is expanding to the Charlotte area, and we need BIC oversight to open a local office. We have a full-time accountant,


team, and general manager who run the day to day so you would simply be focusing on your own business and taking a quick look once a month to make sure we’re in compliance. Basically verifying that new accounts have attached leases and management agreements, and that the monthly bank reconciliations are completed and timely.

This is a great opportunity to go it alone without much risk since we’d cover most of your fixed costs, and you’d be partnering with a fast growing company that has a great reputation

We pay a 33% referral fee for any long-term rental properties referred to us

We will refer strong sales listings frequently, and only request a 10% referral fee

We will refer HOA management and commercial leasing leads, and only request a 5% referral fee


Email if you’re interested.  Thanks!